Innovative learning - education of tomorrow

During the last course I had, I got in touch with an article written by Tomas Kroksmark (University of Jönköping) called "Innovative learning" (Innovativt lärande)
It really got me thinking about how we actually learn and what importance this has to our world-picture.

Kroksmark puts the concept of innovative learning against traditional learning to show exactly what difference the methods of education does to our knowledge.
I don't know about you guys, but personally I have not even considered learning in a different way that I have - until now.
I've known all my life that I don't like to work after a scheme, but I haven't even thought about the fact that I don't necessarily have to!

We all know that institutionalized traditional education follows principles and timetables. We follow a line that "someone" has decided will be good for all of us.
That's it.
But what happens when someone puts these timetables aside and says "I study better during the night, cause Im sleepy in the morning". Is that well-planned timetable really the best for everyone?

Personally I think it's extremely motivating to know that not only does the digital knowledge society develop, but also our education.
I am one of many students that studies over the Internet (scroll down to find a link to BTH's distance programs)
and I think I can proudly say that this is one of the most innovative ways of studying in Sweden today.

With education in one hand and digital knowledge and experience in the other, I believe we are ready for the future!

Vad är pedagogik?

Föreläsningar, powerpoints och tentor.
Är det vad du tror att pedagogik handlar om?
Vi studenter på BTH har börjat lära oss vad pedagogik-processen verkligen innebär.
Det finns många aspekter kring inlärning. Vem står i centrum - läraren eller eleven?
Finns pedagogiska situationer verkligen bara inom skolvärlden?
Och hur beter sig egentligen en "pedagogisk lärare"?
En sak är säker - vi lär oss igenom hela livet.
Vi kan dra mycket nytta av att veta hur och varför vi lär.
Välkommen att upptäcka pedagogikens värld!

What do you think that todays education is about?
Is it classes, tests and powerpoint presentations, or is there more to what we in swedish call "pedagogik"?
How does the teacher behave, that gives the best education?
One thing's for sure - we learn as long as we live.
That is why it's so important to know how we reach the best education and why we actually want to learn!
Welcome to the world of education!
I will try and write in english as much as possible, there might be some swedish involved every now and then!

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