Lifelong learning

Lately I've been way lost in the jungle of education.
What is actually qualified as knowledge and how can we reach that high level of education that we desire?
Can we ever learn enough?
Im busy writing my essay about a swot-analysis that I've been working on. One of the aspects is lifelong learning.
Im beginning to realize just how true it is that we learn our whole life. Every new situation we end up in, every new person we meet - they all help us, or maybe force us, to learn.
Wouldn't it be really interesting (read AWSOME) if we could learn through our work, our whole lives?
What a vision - to go to work and be guaranteed that education that you need every day, just to feel that you become a better, more developed person and a more competent employee every day!
If I look out the window right now, all I see is a rainy night in Halmstad, but it's a good feeling to know, that meanwhile, there is a lot of learning going on out there...


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